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2020-12-04 06:48:55

That is a great point. YES. I’ve noticed men are direct and post a comment that states their opinion (usually firmly). They don’t ask questions. They tell it like it is. I think women tend to encourage or express emotions of how they felt in a similar situation (don’t piss them off, though).


2020-12-04 06:48:37

Gotcha on the format. But considering that people need to be hooked right from the start in a split second, how would you start with your conclusion and grab that interest? Dare you to write a post…


2020-12-04 06:48:14

Very good – and I also specifically address people by name and speak to them directly, leaving general comments at the bottom of my comment section. I also reply to *each* person, even if it’s just to say thanks. <A HREF="" TARGET='_blank'>온라인바카라</A>메리트카지노

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